As we close 2017 business and welcome 2018, Here are the next big things to watch closely in 2018
1. Chat Bots And Conversational Interfaces 

I think there will be more conversations with computers and technology that emerges to automate even more of our daily processes at work and in life. This is starting to be used now but is still not widely adopted. It will take more artificial intelligence to push this trend forward. – Chalmers BrownDue 

2. Virtual Reality 

Technology usually takes off when businesses figure out how to make real money with it. I predict this will soon happen with VR, as it’s already starting to be used in business communications, retail, entertainment, sports, health and other industries. It has the potential to completely change how we work, shop, play and consume media. And it’s going to get here sooner than most people think. – Alexander KharlamovMark43 

3. Driverless Cars 

Autonomous driving cars along with electric vehicles will have a huge impact on the car industry that we know today. Autonomous vehicles will eliminate the need for car ownership for the masses, and electric vehicles will change the game on fossil fuel consumption. – Arash AsliYocale 

4. Automation 

The adoption of automation and how it impacts our life is still in its infancy. However, it’s not just for assembly lines anymore, because technology is starting to be able to adapt to dynamic circumstances. There are going to be more self-driving vehicles and automation is going to work its way up the food chain from repetitive tasks to more complex, decision-making routines. – Timothy ChavesZipBooks 

5. Internet Of Things 

Hands down the most exciting technology trend is the Internet of Things (IoT). For me, the real-world consumer application of IoT is Amazon’s Alexa. She just keeps getting more and more useful as I integrate her into everything I can to automate my home and office. Within five years I believe I’ll be able to control just about anything, from my TV to my pool heater with voice technology and IoT devices. – Scott StinerUM Technologies, LLC 


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