Alternatives to the traditional eLearning architecture

The rapid development in technology and innovation is revolutionising the learning and development platforms. If you search online today about “innovations in L&D” you will have realised there are various organizations trying to change how they deliver content to users/learners.

The traditional eLearning architecture is a basic structure which focuses only on delivering learning materials to users. Modern Digital Learning Ecosystems try as much to not only focus on content but also how they deliver content to user to make learning easy and enjoyable. The weaknesses in the traditional learning management systems and the advancement in the user centred design fields has resulted in the rise of modern Digital Learning Ecosystems tools like LXP, LRS, Micro learning and gaming etc.

Types of modern Digital Learning Ecosystems

  • Learning experience platform (Adaptive learning)
    • In these systems, learners are not subjected to static, rigid training programs instead the platform is able to adapt to their needs and interest
    • These systems use algorithms to adapt to training.
    • Adaptive learning is a branch of the much wider area of personalised learning
    • Learning experience module can be embedded on traditions LMS to provide learner-centered experience
Best LXP platforms Components Offline Link to website
EndappWeb App, Mobile apps, ChatBotYeshttps://www.edapp.com/
AxonifyWeb App, ChatBotNohttps://axonify.com/
FilteredMobile app, chat webapp, CMSNohttp://learn.filtered.com
LemonadeWeb App, Mobile appYeshttp://resources.launchfire.com/lemonade/
  • Micro learning platforms
    • Micro learning is understood as a concept to deliver learning content to users in small bursts of information which allows them to exercise control over what and when they are learning.
    • It requires little effort from individual sessions.
    • It involves simple and/or narrow topics.
    • Micro learning systems can be embedded on traditions LMS to provide learner-centered experience
Best Micro learning platformsComponentsOfflineLink to website
Edume Web appNohttps://edume.com/
JVSP Web appYeshttp://jvsp.io  
  • The Learning Record Store (LRS)
    • LRS acts as a core receiving, storing and returning data about learning experiences, achievements and job performance.
    • Enables modern tracking of a wide variety of learning experiences, including real world activities, mobile apps and even job performance.
    • They can be incorporated into an LMS.
Best LRS platformsType  API Integrations  Link to website
WatershedLRSMoodle Tin Can Launch Pluginhttps://www.watershedlrs.com/
Wax LRSLRSMoodle Tin Can Launch Pluginhttp://www.saltbox.com/  
Learning Locker Open Source LRSLRShttps://learninglocker.net
Ginger appLRShttp://www.gingerapp.co.jp/index_e.php
  • Video based LMS
    • These are platforms which only use video content for learning
    • It includes live classes, Video tutorials, animations and video prototyping etc
    • Enables learners to comment on videos.
PlatformComponentsAPI available?Link to website
ArcWeb AppYes https://www.arcmedia.com/
VidderWeb AppYeshttps://www.viddler.com/
YouseeuWeb AppYeshttps://www.youseeu.com/
WiseTailWeb Apphttps://www.wisetail.com/

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