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Best Facebook Messenger Bots to try

admin - August 24, 2017 - 0 comments

2017 may still be bright and shiny but already we’re seeing some particularly promising names in the world of bots. Since bots first premiered on Facebook Messenger last year, developers have been turning out thousands of the little guys. And it’s hard not to notice some of the more innovative bots out there.

We already know that bots hold incredible potential for generating leads. Here are some of the developers that are doing it right. Enter the 7 best Facebook Messenger bots of 2017 (so far).

Titus Batson Bot 

Yes i have a bot. LOL. try it out to get latest updates from my website. you can also contact me directly from the bot for more tips and tricks in tech and development.


Newsbyte provides a brief daily digest about the day’s top headlines. A spin-off from a popular Android app, Newsbyte makes it easy to stay informed within a matter of seconds. What we love? How convenient it is to use. You can receive updates from a variety of categories, including business and global news. While the app is primarily catered for Indian audiences, there’s enough for citizens of other countries to dive into. The basic concept? Worth the hype.


Staying calm has never been so simple. Exercise-related bots seem like a natural evolution of the entire bot concept and MeditateBot is no different. The bot, developed by the team behind the Calm app, guides users through flexible meditation exercises and allows users to set daily reminders to get into a regular meditation habit.

WTF is That

Keep your eye out on this bot. As it grows and develops, it’s proving to be an especially handy little tool. This bot can help identify things from just a photo- from bugs to strange food items. The algorithms supporting it are far from perfect but already it’s shaping up to be an ice breaker and convenience item all in one.


Skip WebMD the next time you have a cold and check out HealthTap. This bot collects health tips from a stable of real doctors. Not only can you look up answers to health questions but you can also subscribe to their premium service, which will allow you to schedule virtual consultations with doctors.


Swelly doesn’t just help users compare two items or ideas, it’s a virtual social network within Messenger. Users are asked to upload photos or share concepts, which other users can then vote on. You can even follow friends or community members to share ideas. It’s fun, addictive, and slick- all we could ever want from a Messenger bot.


Who knew 1–800 Flowers would be king of the bots? The humble toll-free flower line makes it easy to order flowers for any kind of occasion, all without leaving Messenger. Users can even pay through Messenger’s own Pay features. There’s only one downside. Your wife will no longer accept your excuses for forgetting her birthday.

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