COVID-19 outbreaks tracking app Beta

This project is now archived and no longer support. You can view more details or access the source code here

Using data scraping to fetch information from various sources about Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)  cases world wide, I was able to develop two simple applications to help monitor the outbreak of this disease. These applications fetch data mainly from World Meters via a Robust NodeJS data scraping and reporting API which runs every after 30 minutes to check and collect new information as they get updated. Fields available in the data fetched include Country, total, cases, deaths, recoveries and critical cases.


COVID-19 tracker Dashboard


COVID-19 tracker Dashboard is a report created using Google Data Studio. Its data source is JSON API mentioned above. It breaks down the data into groups and visualizes it showing the different number of New cases, Number of deaths and recoveries in all countries who have reported Corona Virus (COVID-19) Cases.



COVID-19 Mobile app

COVID-19 tracker app is a native android application which share the same data source with COVID-19 tracker Dashboard . This application helps you to track the latest information about Corona Virus (COVID-19) cases from your mobile device.


Due to Google’s restriction about this topic, I wasn’t able to upload the application playstore but you can download the APK below and install it to your device.





Source Code

This is a free application, no login required or adverts embedded and it is available on Github for anyone who wants to work on the same kind of project either for educational purposes or android development practices.