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Social Media


admin February 5, 2018

Social media and Humanitarian aid - Part 1

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.  Websites and…

admin December 12, 2017

2017 Christmas random memes

People tend to spend more time on social media towards the end of the year. some do shopping online, some go online to follow on trends and fashion but the biggest…

admin December 5, 2017

Why every business should embed a Messenger bot on their website

Customer Chat is a plugin that allows your website visitors to interact with your business through Facebook Messenger directly on your homepage. If you’re logged…

admin December 5, 2017

Facebook introduces customer chat plugin for websites in Messenger 2.2

Facebook released Messenger 2.2 which we believe will help developers and businesses reach their customers in new and engaging ways, improve the quality of their…

admin September 14, 2017

Activate Facebook’s Text Delight Animations

It was recently a friend’s birthday. Facebook, being the helpful social network it is, prompted me to “send her good thoughts”. So I did.

admin August 24, 2017
Best Facebook Messenger Bots to try

Best Facebook Messenger Bots to try

2017 may still be bright and shiny but already we’re seeing some particularly promising names in the world of bots. Since bots first premiered on Facebook Messenger…

admin August 7, 2017

Social Media Blackout

For digital rights activists, an important milestone came in 2016 with the adoption of the UN Human Rights Council resolution on promoting and protecting the freedom…

admin August 4, 2017

Envato Market Exclusive Friday Freebie -Get these Premium Wordpress theme and plugin free

Incase you missed this amazing opportunity to download Facebook Messenger for WP Plugin free and Modular Multipurpose WordPress Theme, I a glad to share with…

admin July 24, 2017
LinkedIn Lite is here

LinkedIn Lite is here

Just like Facebook did with Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite, Microsoft is launching a cut-down, data-sipping version of LinkedIn for mobile users. LinkedIn…