COVID-19 Tracker application

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This project is now archived and no longer support. If you need more details, kindly contact me

COVID-19 Tracker android application 2.0 is out with new and improved user interface and additional functionalities to improve how you receive information about the latest outbreaks of Corona Virus (COVID-19) around the world. 

What is new?

  • New user interface with simplified presentation of information and navigation.
  • Android 10 (API level 29) support added.
  • The application now supports notification and will be sending out alerts about the status of the outbreak around the world 
  • Graphical representation of data is now added for each country showing the latest data about; new cases, patients in critical conditions and number of deaths reported 
  • More data sets from added to the application. For example you can now get information about cases reported daily 
  • Improved speed and minimized data consumption 
  • Improved search and filtering among others.

How to download and install

  • Due to Google’s restriction about this topic, I wasn’t able to upload the application playstore but you can download the APK below and install it to your device.
  • Uninstall any versions of this app installed on device and the click on the links below to download the APK file. When completed, click on the downloaded file to install. (It is recommended to open this url on chrome android browser)

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