Diagmatica – AI powered health assessment App

Diagmatica is an AI powered health assessment mobile application that is integrated with Infermedica API to provide an interactive, fast and accurate health assessment for patients. Here are the main feature of the application:

  • AI Powered conversational Chatbot.
  • Coronavirus Self-Checker integrated – This is an interactive clinical assessment tool that asks a series of questions, and based on the user’s responses, provides recommended actions and diagnosis.
  • Anonymised data – All the data are stored on your mobile application. No third party database integrated to store user data. Users can choose to anonymously submit their symptoms by using fake data.
  • Assessment history/log – All assessments are store within the application for referral purposes
  • Integration to Medical databases built around doctors’ knowledge, scientific literature and statistical data culled from thousands of patient cases.
  • Multi Language support  – The application is integrated with Google Translation API that translates user input into English for the AI to understand the symptoms and respond in the user’s Native language. The following languages are supported:
    • English – 100%
    • Swahili – Work in Progress
    • Spanish – Work in progress
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