How chatbots can improve your learning management system

We are currently is the age of artificial intelligence, all platforms online are now trying to automate most of its functions. Let’s take a look at a few ways organizations already use chatbots for elearning, as well as the reasons why the technology is perfectly suited for the elearning industry.

1.Improve personalization 

The AI that powers chatbots adapts infinitely. It learns as the user does. With every action a user takes, the AI learns their patterns and course corrects according to their needs. In elearning, this could mean that one training could be rolled out to an entire organization with a chabot employed to personalize it. Learning becomes faster and the information is retained longer.

2. Improving assessments

Humans are innately biased, even when making an effort not to be. And even educators make mistakes at times. When it comes to assessing learners’ work, humans are flawed. Chatbots can automate this proccess to avoid errors during assessments.

3. Eliminating judgement

When you’re learning something new, you’re likely to make mistakes. As trivial as those errors may be, they can still lead to feelings of humiliation, shame, and ultimately anger when made in front of a group. Those feelings are natural, but they’re also counterproductive to learning. What if you could learn something new with no one around to judge? Enter the bots. Artificial intelligence (AI) may be smart, and it won’t make you feel less smart when you make an error.

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