How to connect Mac to multiple bluetooth speakers

Do you have two or more bluetooth speakers and would like to use all of them at the same time? Mac comes with a feature which enables you to achieve this without need of a third-party software.

How to connect Mac to multiple bluetooth speakers

  1. First ensure your bluetooth on Mac is turned on, To do this move your mouse to the Bluetooth icon (it is a grey icon if this function has been turned off) and click down. Select “Turn Bluetooth On” and this feature will be enabled. 
  2.  Connect with all your Bluetooth speakers, Find your speakers’ “Pair” button, press it to connect to Mac. Mac will search and build the connection automatically. 
  3.  Open “Spotlight” and enter “MIDI”, To Open spotlight, Click the Spotlight icon  in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, or press Command-Space bar.
  4.  Creating a Multi-Output Device by clicking the “+”  on the left bottom corner. And then, select each Bluetooth speaker you have connected to the Mac on the right area to make it work.
  5.  Enjoy you multi-speaker system
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