As i was reading through linkedIn timeline, I came across a story by Tony Mamwea who  bought 5 Bitcoins at Ksh 400,000 and sold it at Ksh 6M.

Tony’s Story 
“Hello Friends, am Tony Wamwea, Learn how I managed to Invest Kes 400k and managed to earn Kes 6M on digital currency: When I was starting my web design company, Antelox Agency / early this year, before then I was working as a freelancer where I managed to acquire more skills in web design and digital branding field, As a self- taught, I became smarter with time. Practice is the mother of skills. Working as a freelancer I managed to save some funds and bought a land in Juja Farm.

Early this year I saw a post on Linkedin about bitcoins, and I used to ignore learning about them and I felt that was ready to learn about bitcoins after I saw the post from Kagwiria Mworia from Linkedin. I requested the this Bitcoin Guru for a meet-up and we met at Java in Kilimani, where I got to learn about the history of the currency. It got me thinking if this Bitcoins and I was interested to invest in Bitcoins and I guess my bank account had around 2k due to poor money management I had challenges on savings but I was still trying.

I was taught about bitcoins mining and it wasn’t so much interesting since I was told to submit 70k nonredeemable fund so that I can become a bitcoin miner, I felt unsecured about the method but of mining, and later after few days thinking about bitcoins I thought of buying them and keep them as savings, so that is when I started looking for someone who could buy my land in Juja Farm. Luckily in less than a month I managed to secure 500k through selling the land and started researching on how to buy the bitcoins, I decided to find some desperate sellers and I bought 5 bitcoins at a different values online from different sellers with a rate of about 90k per bitcoin. I spend Ksh472,000 on (5 Bitcoins). I didn’t sleep for almost a week thinking that I made the wrong decision and felt like I would loose the amount.

Today 1 Bitcoin is valued at Kes 1,026,452. Last month I decided to buy 1 more coin and I bought it at Kes 700,000 and I was saving this cash to my personal account to buy a car. Today I have 6 Bitcoins with a value of Kes 6,177,266. Bitcoins is for risk takers since I myself I don’t know the future of this currency but I have a strong feeling that the currency will exist forever and it will continue raising its value. Am still learning about bitcoin mining, and trading as well since some guys are making 200k a day and they started with only 10k but they hardly show you how they make it to such levels. I can encourage someone here to try investing or saving in bitcoins and the following are helpful links: Buying and Selling Bitcoins:, Mining and Investing: Contact Kagwiria Mworia (search the name on linkedin) she knows better. Please don’t Judge my English am just a class 8 drop-out, web designer a young entrepreneur who is bound with life and technology and am #AddictedtoGrowth.”

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