Innovation on childcare: MyChild card system

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What is MyChild System?

As explain on their website, MyChild System is specifically designed to address issues in preventive child health services in low resource settings. MyChild System consists of two interfaces:

  1. MyChild App – software application which can be used in settings with reliable network coverage, electricity and security.
  2. MyChild Card – based on Smart Paper Technology which can be used in insecure environments or places with no electricity or reliable network coverage.

MyChild Card is provided to children under 5 years of age who receive preventive health services including vaccination, nutrition, growth, development among others. With MyChild Card, electronic health record is created for every registered child thus making it possible to follow up on children individually.

Development of MyChid Card was informed by evidence and reality that in many areas, particularly rural settings, the infrastructure to support mobile or eHealth technology is weak or does not exist.


  1. Each card has unique ID connected to it and its assigned to a newborn child
  2. The first section of the card is the education materials that help parents to know immunization schedules, how to prepare ORS for their child among other relevant information.
  3.  The second section of the card is designed for nurses to input service dates and more information about the child care. (medical history)
  4. The third section is designed for statistical data which are filled by the health worker and sent to the scanning station where they are scanned and reports generated.

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