There is a growing recognition that the humanitarian system is not working as it should. Traditional assistance models are often inefficient, unsustainable and lead to dependency. The world is changing rapidly and creative solutions are needed. In response, an ‘innovation turn’ is emerging in the humanitarian world. Humanitarian organisations are gradually exploring new partnerships, the role of technology and the role of the private sector. The idea of innovation, more commonly used in the private sector, is being integrated as a methodology for adaptation and change. This video was produced for the 2014 Humanitarian Innovation Conference (HIP2014). HIP2014 aspired to play a convening role within a complex ecosystem of people and organisations working on key aspects of humanitarian innovation. As the first major academic conference on the subject, it aimed to stimulate dialogue and debate, inspire new ideas, and, ultimately, turn humanitarian challenges into sustainable opportunities for all. The Humanitarian Innovation Conference was hosted by the Humanitarian Innovation Project, based at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. For more information, please visit:

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