Everyone wants to publish instant articles on facebook. Facebook Instant Articles is new way to publish content of website on facebook. If you have website and facebook page then you can start publishing instant articles after following few steps. If your website is on wordpress then it becomes much easier. Because you can use facebook instant articles wordpress plugin to set up instant articles of your. While setting up instant articles some common error occurs like logo missing error in instant articles. Here we are explaining you how to logo missing error in instant articles.

Why logo is is needed in Instant Articles

Logo is identity of any brand. Big companies spend thousands of dollars to design logo. After all people identify your brand from your logo. For the same reason your instant articles must have logo inside articles. It is very important for branding your website or facebook page. In instant articles logo appears just below featured image of your article. Without adding logo you can not publish single Instant Article.

When Logo Missing Error Appears

Uploading Logo is compulsory is set up  of facebook Instant Articles. Without setting logo you can not put instant articles for review and can’t get approval for facebook instant articles. To setup facebook instant articles you must follow steps like, claiming url, setting feed url for instant articles. After setting feed url articles from your website will appear under production articles. Now under configuration  in step 2 click  on submit articles for review. Youo will get an error as, ” Logo is missing, all articles must include a logo, which you can upload in the style editor. ”

How to Solve Logo Missing Error in Instant Articles

So before submitting to review you must add logo in Instant Articles. There is no need to add logo in every Instant article. Once you add log in style editor it will be shown automatically in all Instant Article. To add logo follow the steps given below.


  • First go to publishing tools of your page.
  • Then under configuration go to style editor.
  • In style editor you can create your custom style, but for now click on default style.
  • Under style editor click on Logo from left hand sidebar.
  • Then click on choose logo and upload logo image file.
  • Now after uplaoding you can see your logo at right side in preview of your article style.
  • Click on save. You have successfully uploaded logo for your Instant Articles.
  • Now you can submit your article for review. It will take 2-3 days to get approval.
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