Thinking in terms of investing and creating wealth. If we can learn anything looking back 10–30 years, it is the importance of actually investing. Yet, so few of us did. Most people are under impression that investing is for the wealthy. Many ordinary people say they have no disposable funds to invest, yet their garages are full of unwanted items that were replaced by the most recently purchased items at Black Friday sale.

Just a few weeks earlier, I was at my mothers’ house for thanksgiving dinner. Typically, and not any different this time around, I was asked to move some of those old unwanted items to the basement. Now, I do not exaggerate when I say the space is full from the ground up and moving around the basement requires good balance and coordination. While moving through the maze built of items from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s… I though; How different would our life be, if even a quarter of the money wasted on all this junk was put into an investment. How great would it be if my mother invested $1,000 into Apple Inc. back in the 1980, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, maybe a few hundred dollars into Bitcoin in 2010. Well, she did’t and I do not blame her. Most of us did not and that is why we are where we are.

However, that does not have to be the end of story. The good thing is every generation gets an opportunity and currently it is crypto and blockchain technology. I certainly was not one of the early adopters; yet, I sure am glad I am in early enough, as this technology only now starting to get adopted and integrated.

If you are reading this post that is aimed at crypto audience, I assume you are already invested into Bitcoin, Ether and list of other alts, but like I am, on a look out for the next innovative project that has a potential to multiply your investment 10x-100x-1000x. I spend a lot of time researching and reading whitepapers and frankly 90% of them are same boring jargon with similar ideas. I cannot even remember how many: payment, debit card platforms I came across last few weeks. Nothing new, nothing exciting until I came across Finney by Sirin Labs. Sirin Labs is an existing company with a large team that has been around for many years. Sirin Labs is a company behind the Solarin smartphone. Now, Sirin Labs are advancing with the tech and developing world’s first blockchain smartphone. The $1,000 device that it aimed at the crypto community. Company are also releasing Finney PC with a target price of $799.

Both devices will interact on Finney Blockchain and operate on Sirin OS.

SRN Ecosystem

Finney Smartphone

Finney PC

Personally, I am extremely excited about this project, and I am not the only one. To put things in perspective. In the first 24 hours, Sirin Labs ICO raised over $100,000,000. The ICO is currently live and will run for 10 more days (Dec 25th).

Please visit official website for more details and be sure to check out video from Mr. Moshe Hogeg, Founder & Co CEO.

In my opinion, this is by far one of the best innovative projects I have seen this year. In fact, much needed technology and devices as we progress and crypto becomes part of our everyday lives.

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