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The rise of Progressive Web Apps

You can now use applications without installing them thanks to Appscope. Appscope is, as its developers describe it, an “app store for PWAs.” It’s not really a store — you don’t use it to buy things — but its interface should feel familiar to anyone who’s navigated other mobile app repositories. There are categories, featured apps, and a search function, much like you’d find on something like the Play Store. 

What is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

PWA is a web-based application that can mimic some of the functionalities of native apps while taking up minimal storage space on your device, every application runs on web-view allowing you to test and use applications online without need of installing them. Google has tried to simplify this on native applications by introducing instant apps but with limited functionalities. some of the features of instant apps include:

  • An instant app will only start when you open it.
  • If you have the the app on your device already, you’ll open the full version.
  • Instant apps do not cost anything to open and try.
  •  You can opt out at any time in your device’s Play Store settings.

Weaknesses of Google instant applications makes progressive web applications more appealing and attractive since it allows you to access most of the modules of the application with less limitations

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