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What is exciting about Moodle 3.7 and the future of open source LMS

For many years there has been drastic switch from opensource Learning Management Systems to Closed source systems due to various reasons. Intuitiveness and poor user interface being one of the main reasons for this move. Moodle is still leading the way in opensource eLearning sector and its roadmap of future developments is interesting as they have started focusing more on the user interface and allowing developers to create intuitive themes based on Bootstrap 4.0. Soon you will be able to do a lot on Moodle not only changing themes but also carrying out deep customization to user interface which will make it way different from how the out of the box design currently look like.

What are the UI changes coming up in Version 3.7?

  • Themes based on Bootstrap version 2 (including bootstrapbase, Clean and More) will be deprecated and removed from core.
  • A new ‘Classic’ theme, based on Bootstrap 4, will be added to core, which retains the classic navigation block and three column layout.

This release will also include the following functionality updates:

  • Support for LTI 1.3
  • Learning analytics improvements
  • Updates to the core group messaging module
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Forum update: including back-end refactor, accessibility, in-page reply, star/favouriting of a discussion, manually locking a discussion, sorting of discussions, private reply.

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