What new on Bonga alpha 1.3.1

Bonga is a new messaging platform which allows easier convenience for payments. Bonga enables you to chat with friends, send, receive and also request for money, all within one screen. The project is undergoing a lot of bug fixes and also streaming the core functionality which is being able to request or send money and communicate using the same application. This has been seen has a big feature in other messaging applications like WeChat, Messenger among others and also there were rumours that Facebook was working on the same functionality for WhatsApp application. 

What is new on Bonga 1.3.1

  1. Pin integration – the application is not dependent on simtoolkit which makes sending money faster without waiting the application to initiate simtoolkit pin interface.
  2. Cash withdrawal – You can now withdraw money from agents using the bonga application 
  3. Improved speeds – the application speed has improved in the new alpha version with the initial connection speed improved 
  4. Paybill and Buy goods integrated  

What is missing or not working

  1. Deleting conversation still not added 
  2. Ability to backup conversation 
  3. Searching business numbers not added to this version 
  4. Sending documents generates a bug which stops the application
  5. Ability to block and unblock users not added to this version 

Get its on playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=safaricom.alpha.bonga

Join beta program: https://titusbatson.com/how-to-join-bonga-by-safaricom-beta-program/