You can try WhatsApp’s new multi-device feature on your Official Whatsapp application

WhatsApp announced a few weeks ago that it will be introducing multi-device support on Whatsapp. This feature allows you to use your Whatsapp account across multiple devices (Max: 4) without the need to keep your phone connected. WhatsApp has achieved this by changing the architecture of how the companion devices connect to the main server. The diagram below demonstrates how this architecture has been changed to enable this feature. Readmore on how this functionality works 

This feature has been available to all users through the beta channel which allows you to join the beta program manually with the possibility of opting out. To try out this feature following  the steps below:

  1. In WhatsApp, tap Settings (iOS) or tap More options (Android)

  2. Tap Linked Devices

  3. Tap Multi-Device Beta > JOIN BETA and follow the instructions

  4. Go Back to Linked devices and Tap on Link a Device to add a new device