How to install Moodle 3.5 or 3.6.+ on a shared hosting

Installing the latest Moodle on shared hosting is not a direct procedure like installing any other php based opensource web application or CMS.  Your will run into errors like:

  • mysql_full_unicode_support#File_Format
  • mysql_full_unicode_support#Large_prefix
  • site not https

This is because in shared hosting, most companies set their databases to use Antelope as a default file system while Moodle require Barracuda file format to be able to run both MySQL and MariaDB. HTTPS error, can be solved if you already have SSL installed and configured on your hosting but other errors like Barracuda file format and full support of UTF-8 is something which can be fixed by making a simple change to Moodle config.php file.

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Since you are running on a shared host, you will not be able to globally change mysql settings. To be able to proceed with the installation without these settings follow the procedure below:

How to proceed without barracuda file system

  1. Go to the folder where Moodle is installed.
  2. Find and open config.php file of your moodle and change variable dbcollation to ‘dbcollation’ => ‘utf8_unicode_ci’, then save it
  3. Go back to your Moodle install process then reload it, you will notice that the errors are gone and you will have a button allowing you to proceed and complete the installation. See the screenshot below

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