Moodle – Drupal Integration example

  • LMS need a solid front end site where new pages, menus, block contents, etc. can be created with ease.
  • Drupal’s strength comes from the availability of general-purpose, high-quality modules.

Totara – Drupal integration

Single Sign On (SSO)

Whenever a user is logged-in to Drupal should automatically be logged-in to Totara automatically. Drupal would be the front end site where the user can sign-in, access dashboard, see reports related to learning activity and access certificates. While Totara is where the actual learning activities are taken up. To accomplish SSO between Drupal and Totara, you can use moodle-drupalservices on Totara side and Moodle SSO on the Drupal side as a base.

The course integration

The course integration has to let the user launch the course activity from Drupal to Totara, post the statuses and results of courses back to Drupal. The course content is created on the Drupal side and linked to Totara courses.



HTTP Authentication

username: knackforge
password: knackforge

Drupal user credentials:

username: drupal_test_1
assowrd: drupal_test_1

username: drupal_test_2
password: drupal_test_2

username: drupal_test_3
password: drupal_test_3

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